• Holiday Garden
  • Program: Residential
  • Date: 2019
  • Surface: 550m2
  • Architect: Jorge Rincón
  • Photos: Adarve

Verdiales was a typical 70s single-story villa that the clients wanted to expand creating a new outdoor living area with sea views in the rooftop. The objective of the project was setting up this new area -designed by the decorator Pedro Peña- and giving a new air to the entire garden that surrounded the villa, integrating nature in a natural way in the house. On the upper floor, following the Ibiza and Mediterranean style of the new outdoor seating area, we designed several planters with different types of flowering plants, on the other, the stipas that take us to a bohemian atmosphere and provide movement. On the ground floor, several works were made to create a functional garden adapted to the new needs of the house. On the one hand, we added an outdoor kitchen area with a barbecue, surrounded with several gravel islands with fruit trees. On the other, we placed several vertical lattices with planters in order to separate the bedrooms and create small private terraces. The planters were decorated with different species of dry land plants creating a chromatic game with the colours of the sea.