Boho Club Gardens

Garden projects
  • Program: Hotel & Restaurante
  • Date: 2020
  • Promoter: Quartier Estates
  • Builder: Otero
  • Photos: Coco Rubio

The idea behind this project for a luxury boutique hotel and restaurant -with a 2 Michelin stars chef-, was to create a fusion garden, very different from those found in the typical resorts of the Costa del Sol. The project was based on adapting the landscape to the architecture and urban-chic decoration of the boutique hotel, and at the same time creating a bohemian and sustainable garden. Inspired by the Californian Boho style, we combined different areas of arid, succulent and cactus gardens, which do not require much watering, with herb gardens to add movement to the views. To reinforce this boho chic air we added handmade decorative elements and sculptures in steel. In the room areas we installed different pots with rainfed plants and a decoration that reminds of the Californian desert.