Haza del Conde

  • Classic Garden
  • Program: Residencial
  • Date: 2020
  • Architect: Jorge Rincón
  • Photos: Charly Simon

A new construction project in which the owners of Nordic origin doubted between a tropical garden or a Mediterranean garden, both non-existent in their place of origin. We decided to integrate a fusion of the two styles, with a Mediterranean-style garden in the main area and a tropical garden in the back area, which was cooler and protected from the sun. In the main area and taking advantage of the characteristic slopes of the architect, we used Mediterranean species such as olive trees in ball, aromatic plants such as rosemary and lavender and ornamental flowers such as verbena or white iceberg rose, which add color to the terrace. Around the pool, the olive tree was used as the main element, and several artisanal pots were placed to give life to the pool area. In the back of the house we designed a tropical garden with species that can be adapted to this climate such as different varieties of palm trees (washingtonias, arecas and sterlicias) and ferns. Since the entrance is a shady area and it is made up of narrow areas, we installed a gravel path that brings light and sound to the area.