Exterior room design

Multisectoral Residential Garden
Date: 2022
Area: 1.200 m2
Architects: AMES Architects
Builder : Grupo Red Point


In this garden, with incredible views of the mountains and the sea, the idea prevailed of creating different spaces to cover the needs of the family that was going to live there (young parents and young children). In this way, the garden was divided into two large areas, between which there is a difference in height of 3.8 m, connected by a staircase designed expressly for this space.

In the first zone (entrance to the house at street level), we find the entrance garden to the house, with a semi-tropical atmosphere, with a fountain and water features. The entrance and the swimming pool are connected by a garden that transitions from the semi-tropical to the more Mediterranean atmosphere of the pool area just before the pool.

In the second area, the lower garden, we find on the one hand a more open garden, where meetings and events can be held, and on the other, a play area for children, where an existing slope was used to place a slide.

The exterior garden of the house, totally xerophytic, is a very different touch to what we will later find inside.
The result is a harmonious garden, which unites the different areas with a modern landscape concept where plant species, mineral materials and geometry interact with each other and with the surroundings.