Villa Cerquilla

  • Amongst Olives
  • Program: Residential
  • Date: 2019
  • Photos: Charly Simon & Adarve

In this exclusive villa the aim was to adapt the garden to the style of the house, a contemporary Andalusian-inspired villa. For this reason, a traditional Andalusian garden was created amongst olive trees with contemporary touches. To give it the Andalusian air we were inspired by the Andalusian farmhouses, which are characterized by their olive plantations and the use of water, very recurrent in this type of construction, which had drinking fountains for animals in the entrance. This concept was adapted to the main entrance of the house through the use of various artisan pots made by local artisans with textured surfaces turned into fountains that provide freshness and function as a decorative element. In the main garden area, an Andalusian atmosphere was created by planting olive trees that in turn provide shade to the garden. Fruit trees were also planted on the plot, always respecting the views of the house. The slopes that surround the house were used to place a garden of flowering plants that add color to the garden.