Villa Cobre

  • Garden Boutique
  • Program: Residencial
  • Date: 2019
  • Surface: 660m2
  • Architects: Ames Arquitectos
  • Promoter: Palmeras
  • Constructor: Construmarbel
  • Photos: Coco Rubio

The idea behind this project was to recreate the feel of the boutique hotels with small private gardens surrounding the main house. Many of the bedrooms had their own access to the outside, so we decided to create small independent “boutique” terraces for each of them that would connect the interior space with the exterior. With the creation of walls covered with natural stone of different heights and sizes, we managed to create independent spaces. These are connected by corridors made of decorative ice gray gravel, a practical solution afor this shady areas, thst requires little mantainance. A fountain was also placed in the corridors to create an atmosphere of relax and well being. Near the outdoor kitchen area, raised and decorative planters were created for growing culinary plants to be used in their dishes. In addition to  these small boutique terraces, the project has 3 other different garden areas. In the larger area we created a multipurpose space (events, games for children …) with a big grass meadow. To overcome the unevenness of the plot, some design steel steps were used, which divide the space visually at different heights. In the area of ​​the gazebo with a barbecue, some steel drawers with culinary and aromatic plants were installed creating a small functional urban garden. In the main entrance and parking area we decided to create a tropical atmosphere taking advantage of its location protected from the sun and winds for brightly colored tropical plants, normally sensitive to the Mediterranean climate. As great barbecue defenders focal points throughout the garden, we took advantage of the huge planter to place three white concrete balls and strongly supported the placement of the eye at the entrance.