Villa Lugano

  • Romantic Garden
  • Program: Residential
  • Date: 2020
  • Architect: Marcos Sanz
  • Constructor: Construmarbel
  • Photos: Adarve

In this project located in a house with a typical Marbellí architecture of the 60s, the objective was to completely renovate the outdoor areas. The house had a traditional open layout in which several bedrooms opened onto the entrance patio. To divert attention from these rooms, we designed a slab passage over a fountain that forces us to concentrate on the way to the entrails. Thus we manage to change the focal point and provide greater privacy to the bedrooms. In the inner garden several changes were made. Small private gardens were added to the exterior of some of the rooms to create greater independence and more intimate gardens. An outdoor outdoor kitchen was also designed more in line with today’s way of life, thus expanding the living areas of the house. Facing the new outdoor kitchen area, an alignment of three citrus fruits was planted with a selection of culinary herbs at the base. Buksus and Teucrium plantations were added to the main garden, creating topiary clouds in shades of green and gray on a decorative base of ice gray gravel, an ecological solution as it requires less watering and is easy to maintain. In the courtyards of the house, which were previously totally empty, several fountains designed with artisanal pots were installed that add sound and life to the town. Surrounding the house an Italian garden was designed with vegetation plants that create a romantic atmosphere.