Villa Olivia

  • The English Garden
  • Program: Residential
  • Date: 2019
  • Architect: Jorge Rincón
  • Constructor: Construmarbel
  • Photos: Charly Simon

This garden is inspired by the English meadows. The biggest challenge of this project was the setting and functionality of the small outdoor areas. A characteristic of the architect’s projects are the slopes that surround his terraces, which we used to create a small plantation of White Gauras, Verbenas bonariensis, Rosal Iceberg  and others flowers to creating a wild and romantic style prairie environment. In the house, all the rooms had direct access to the outside. For this reason, small independent terraces were created, the master bedroom had a rest area with a meadow space to sunbathe. The remaining two bedrooms share the same environment with a solution based on decorative concrete beams with an ice gray aggregate base that require little maintenance. As is usual in our gardens, we created an area of ​​fruit trees and culinary plants near the outdoor barbecue. We integrated it in the environment and at the same we used it to create independence with the neighbor.