Villa Tercia

  • Nordic Garden
  • Program: Residential
  • Date: 2020
  • Surface: 12m2
  • Architect: Guadalupe Cruz Conde
  • Builder: Construmarbel
  • Photos: Adarve

The biggest challenge in this project was to connect the house with the pool, located 4 meters below. In the past, independence was sought between the pool area and the house, however, the owners wanted to unite the two areas. To do this, the existing work stairs were replaced and we opened a large window to the pool through a stepped lawn corridor. The stairs were flanked with decorative planters. With this a panoramic view of the landscape and the pool was also achieved. In the rest of the garden, a synergy with architecture was sought with a Nordic and minimalist garden that suits the style of the house. In the upper floor, we designed a stone solarium as due to its location on the slab, a plantation was not suitable. In the entrance of the house, we created another garden area with grass as an introduction to this spectacular garden.